Journals-David Publishing Company (2022)

Grégory Barbillon

Micro- and Nano-engineering, Plasmonics, Nano-optics, Luminescence, Nanoparticles, Nanotechnology.


Porous solids, oxides, heterogeneous catalysts, surface chemistry, etc.

Jiabin Han

Chemical engineering, Corrosion, Crystallization.

Abdülhadi BAYKAL

Middle East Technical University.

Nazar Abbas Shah

Materials Science (Fabrication of thin films and structural, electrical and optical Characterization of II-VI Semiconductor Compounds).

Mehmet ŞENEL

Enyme immobilization on nanoparticles and polymer matrixDesigning dendritic macromolecules and combinatorial building blocks;Synthesis, Physical and Chemical Characterizations of Polymers;Development of enzymatic electrochemicalbiosensors.

Serife Pınar Yalçın

X- Ray Single Crystal Structure;X-Ray Powder Diffraction; CNDO Quantum Mechanical Approach.


Synthesis of nanomaterials especially oxides by a very versatile andenvironmentally benign technique.

Anand Sawroop Khanna

High Temperature Oxidation of Ferritic steels,Stainless steels, Superalloys, Intemetallic and Metal Matrix Composites;Surface Modification using Laser Treatments; Atmospheric Corrosion andIndustrial Corrosion, High Temperature Coatings,OrganicPain.

Hessam Ghasemnejad

Composite Materials and Structures,Fracture Mechanics, Delamination and Damage Characterisation of CompositeMaterial Structures, Crashworthiness, Post-buckling/Buckling Analysis, 3DCompositeMaterials, Hybrid Composites, Nonlinear FiniteElement Anal.

Jan Awrejcewicz

Nonlinear mechanics (theoretical, analytical, numerical and experimental methods): continuous systems (plates, shells, beams, and structures); thermo-elasticity; mathematical methods in mechanics; asymptotic methods; dynamics of lumpedsystems; bifurcatio.

Jafar F. Al-Sharab

Involved in the plasma and flame synthesis of various nanostructure materials such as tungsten oxide nanorods zinc oxide nanostructures, boron nitride, molybdenum oxide, cupper oxide, iron oxide, and un/doped gallium nitride.

Kasibhatta Kumara Ramanatha Datta

Senior Researcher,Regional Center of Advanced Technology and Materials,Palacky University,Czech Republic.

Dr. A. Heidari

Faculty of Chemistry,California South University (CSU),Irvine, California, USA.

Dr. Beddiaf ZAIDI

Siliconmaterials,Photovoltaics and Solar Cells,Materials engineering and environmental science,Optoelectronics devices and Properties,Nanostructured Materials for Solar Energy.

Dr. Kosuke Sugawa

Assistant Professor,Department of Materials and Applied Chemistry, College of Science & Technology,Nihon University,Japan.

Prof.Ehsan Abdel haleem Ahmed Gomaa

Physics Dep., Faculty of Science, Ain Shams,University, Abbassia, Cairo,Egypt.


Synthesis and modification of materials by energetic ionbeams,Synthesis and characterization undoped and doped transition metal oxides and multiferroics.

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Advanced Functional Polymeric Materials: design, synthesis,processing and investigation,Bioproducts and Biomaterials,Fiber and Polymer chemistry,Biomass transformationtechnologies,Chemistry of renewable resources.

Dr.Ramesh C. Gupta

Organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and Drug Development, Chemistry andToxicology of natural substances, herbdrug interaction, nutriceuticals and functional food,amino acid in nutrition, taurine, analogues and Biological actions,environmentalaspects,Hepato and nephrotoxicity of Chinese herbs, Science popularization and education.

Wenwen Lin

Department of Chemistry, Northwestern UniversityMaterial Sciences Division, Argonne National Lab, USA.

Crystal growth, phase diagram, semiconductor devices and solid state chemistry.

Dr. Ravi Kumar PUJALA

Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, Utrecht University, Netherlands.

Soft Matter, colloids, polymers, biomolecules, aggregates, gels, glasses, crystals, hard spheres, dynamics of anisotropic particles, interface dynamics, physics of complex fluids, nanomaterials and composites, scattering techniques,rheology andmicroscopy.

Gaganpreet Kaur Behrh

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, CNRS, IMN, France.

Synthesis of materials via soft chemistry and solid state methods, Characterization by Photoluminescence, Powder X-ray diffraction, Rietveld refinement using JANA software, Diffuse reflectance etc.

Tej Bahadur Limbu

Chemical Physics,University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, United States.

Synthesis of graphene (polycrystalline/single crystals) by chemical vapor deposition and study onthe growth mechanism,Graphene transfer onto arbitrary substrates,Transparent conducting electrodes,Doping on graphene,Optical, electrical, electronmicroscopic, spectroscopiccharacterization of graphene,Phonon transport and thermal conductivity in graphene.

Anthony Norbert Oduor Ochieng


Analytical and instrumental chemistry,compounding and manufacturing pharmaceuticalproducts and cosmetics,analysis of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products,environmentalchemistry and chemical spectroscopy,organic,inorganic and physicachemistry, production and quality management.


MAE Department, University of California, Los Angeles,United States.

multiferroics, magnetoelastic materials, micro-magnetic modeling, spin waves.

Syed Z. Islam

Chemical Engineering,University of Kentucky,Lexington,United States.

Nanostructured materials,band gap engineering,graphene quantum dot sensitization,solar energy conversion,energy storage,environmental pollutant degradation,neutron reflectometry,X-ray scattering,photocatalytic membrane separation,plasmdoping.

Fan Wang

Postdoc,new ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale Bio Photonics (CNBP),Macquarie University,Australian.

optics, photonics,device engineering, materials science, data mining, theoretical simulations andnanotechnology,fibre photonics devices, analytical chemistry, cell and molecular biologyand in-vivo imaging,semiconductornanowire lasers.

Dr.Chengchen Guo

School of Molecular Sciences, Arizona State University,United States.

Element inorganic and organic synthetic chemistry, synthesis of nanomaterials including,gold/silver nanoparticles, gold nanorod, silica nanoparticles,liquid/solid NMR spectroscopy,Raman/FTIR spectroscopy,thermal analysis (DSC, TGA), maintaininNMR/DSC/TGA spectrometers,NMR/DSC/TGA instrument training.

Mazen Alshaaer

Prince Sattambin Abdul Aziz University, SaudiArabia.

Synthesis of nanopowder,Calcium phosphatebioceramics, cement, and scaffolds for bone tissue engineering,Functional geopolymericmaterials for water purification, storage and transportation,low cost constructionmaterials, low temperaturhardening inorganic cement for construction and high-temperature applications.

Dr.Martina Julia Baum

Functional Morphology and Biomechanics Group,Zoological Institute,Kiel University, Germany.

Modification of bulk material and surface properties of polymer composites, functional investigation of biological systems and transfer of relevant system parameters to technical applications, detailed characterization of complex biological materialcomplemented with extensive experiences in biotribology.

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Dr. Pei Shan Yen

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester,United States.

Membrane development:virus filtration membrane,membrane hydrolyzation;Hydrogen separation:molten metal & Pdhydrogen separation membrane, steam reforming reactor, membrane synthesis,fabrication and characterization, permeancedevice design and setup, porous supportmodification;Material thermodynamic:material capabilityevaluation, solid-liquid and gas-liquid metal/ceramic surface tensionestimation, calculation of gas solubility and diffusivity in liquid, hydrogenstoragmaterial thermodynamic;Hydrogen storage:metal hydrogen storage materials, Sieverts’ device design and construction, hydrogenstorage tank design;Fuel Cell:alkaline and PEM fuel cell, fuel cellperformance modeling;Water treatment:freeze/thawasterwater andactivated sludge dewater, sludge chemical treatment, sludge rheology.

Dr. Gobinda Saha

Department of Mechanical Engineering,University of New Brunswick,Canada.

Smart nano-structured materials,nanomaterials processing,nanostructured composite,advanced sol-gel processes,nanostructured coatings.

Dr. Sandeep Manandhar

Center for Space Exploration and Technology Research (cSETR),UTEP,Richland,United States.

Material characterization, materials science and engineering, polymer engineering, extrusion, rheology electrospinning, product development, thin films, ion beam analysis, ion implantation, radiation damage, mechanical testing, vacuum systemsatoprobe, SEM/FIB, bildegradable polymers, TEM, chemical characterizaion.

Dr.Huanyu Cheng

Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics The Pennsylvania State University, USA.

Structural design and manufacturing of wearable tattoo electronics capable of dissolving in the human body.

Dr.Pandiyarajan Thangaraj

Department of Materials EngineeringFaculty of Engineering,University of Concepcion, CHILE.

Nanomaterials fabrications and their physical properties characterization.

Dr. Narsimha Mamidi

School of Sciences and Engineering, ITESM, Tec de Monterrey, Mexico.

Materials chemistry/ nanotechnology,synthetic organic chemistry/ drug discovery,bioorganic chemistry/ chemical biology/medicinal chemistry,organometallic chemistry/ heterocyclic chemistry.

Dr. Prado Garcia, Raquel

Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London, UK.

Chromatographic characterization techniques (GCMS, HPSEC, and HPLC) and spectroscopic characterization (ATRIR, NMR, UV-VIS-NIR).

Hermes Jose Loschi

Department of Communications, Faculty of Electrical and ComputerEngineering at Unicamp, Brazil.

Wireless sensor network, internet ofthings, smart grid, broadcasting, biomass, photovoltaic systems applications , solar energyand solar tracking.

Dr. Rahim Jan

School of Chemical & Material Engineering (SCME), National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Pakistan.

Mechanical properties, polymer composites, carbon, electrical characterization, graphene, 2D materials.


The Royal Society Newton Fellowship,Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry,European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI),Aston University, UnitedKingdom.

Synthesis and applicationof novel nanoparticulate and nanoporous catalytic materials to diverse cleanchemical transformations such as the conversion of waste material into sustainablematerial, energy storage and the environmental remediationGraphene derivednanomaterial, photocatalyst and electrocatalyst are of special interest for myfuture plans to energy production and carbon dioxide reduction.

Prof. -Dr. Qin Zou

College of Materials Science and Engineering &College of Mechanical Engineering,State Key Laboratory of Metastable Materials Science and Technology,Yanshan University, China.

Nanopolycrystalline Diamond (NPCD),Covalent Compound with Multi-principal Components,Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PcBN),Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC)/PcBN Compact,High Entropy Alloy,Hard Alloy,Self-lubricating SlidinBearing Material.


Department of Physics,Faculty of Science,Mahasarakham University,Thailand.

Technological plasma physics and plasma diagnostics;Physical vapor deposition techniques, magnetron sputtering, cathodic arc;Low-temperature atmospheric plasma sources.

Dr. Yuhang Jiang

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The University of North Carolinaat Chapel Hill, USA.

Protein biophysics, drug delivery, nanomedicine, pharmacokinetics, blood-brainbarrier, stroke.

Dr. Jianying (Jane) HU

Research Associate, Department of Civil Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Design and characterization of functional materials, multi-scale simulation on materials, and optimizing optical coatings.

Dr. Manish Kumar Srivastava

Department of Physics,Tamkang University, Tamsui, New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.).

Materials science, correlated electron systems / magnetic field sensors/ thin films and multilayers/ irradiation induced modifications.

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abu-DiefMohammed

Chemistry Department, Faculty of science, Sohag University, Egypt.

Methods of coordination chemistry and methodology including preparationof complexes and their characterization by molecular electronic spectra, IR,NMR, CHN, conductance, thermal analysis and spectrophotometerdetermination of thestoichiometry;Magnetic Prosperities of complexes and theirdependence in solvent composition; Bonding in transition metal complexes andcrystal field theory;Reaction of complexes, coordination equilibriaand mechanismsof legendsubstitution;Kinetics and reactivity trends of indicator andlaser dye compounds;Thermodynamic and transfer properties of ionsand their dependence in solvent composition and solvent structure;Kinetics of DNA interaction withcoordinationcompoundsstructure;Design and formation of single crystals ofmultifunctional systems containing Schiff bases and transition elements.

Prof. -Dr.OKI Makanjuola

Department of Chemistry Engineering, Landmark University, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Corrosion engineering,chemical conversioncoatings.

Dr. Paola R. Arteaga-Lopez



Assit. Prof.Zhenping Wu

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, School of Science, Beijing,China.

Thin films; Advanced vapordeposition techniques, epitaxial growth of metals and oxides; Artificiallystructured materials, epitaxial growth of metallic and oxide superlattices; Wide band gap semiconductors; Current activities are focused mainly on oxideheterostructures and oxide interface physics and engineering based onsuperconductors, dielectric, ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials.

Dr. Mehrdad Shaygan

Postdoctoral Marie Curie Fellow, Graphene Research Group, Advanced Microelectronic Center Aachen (AMICA), AMO GmbH, Aachen, Germany.

Two-dimensional nanostructured materials such as graphene synthesis, characterization and their potential applications;One-dimensional nanostructured materials such as nanowire, nanoribbon, nanobelt and nanotube synthesis, characterizationand applications;Design and fabrication of nano/micro electromechanical systems devices (NEMS, MEMS) based on Graphene and other nanomaterials for different applications;Optoelectronic application of nanostructures such asphotodetectors;Thermal and electrical transport in nanostructured materials.

Dr. Yan SONG

Professor in materials science,Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai, China.

Materials Modelling, structural materials and renewable energy (hydrogen energy technology).

Dr. Harikishan Reddy Ellamla

Indian Institute of Technology, India.

Fuel cell, theory and technology of fuel cells, computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer, transport phenomena, HT-PEMFC, combined heat and power systems, numerical methods, modeling and simulation and hydrogen energy.

Dr. Adami Renata

Research engineer atDepartment of Industrial Engineering at the University of Salerno, Italy.

Supercritical fluids in pharmaceutical, inorganic and food fields and micronization (particle, coprecipitates, microsphere formation) and extraction/fractionation using supercritical fluid based techniques.

Dr. Ali Haider

National Nanotechnology Research Center Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.

Metals and III nitride thin film growth;Material characterization mainly surface, electrical, morphological, and optical characterization;Interface impact, selective growth, thin film patterning, photolithography, photodetection.

Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Abdelhalim Mohamed

Chemistry Department-Faculty of Science, Sohag University, Sohag, Egypt.

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Inorganic synthesis,nanomaterials for energy applications, stability of inorganic materials andElectrochemical behavior of novel materials.

Dr.Ahmed Abdulkareem Ahmed Al-Dulaimi

Senior lecturerat Malaysian Institute of Chemical & Bio-Engineering Technology (UniKL-MICET),Melaka, Malaysia.

Bio-based polymers such as (cellulose derivatives) to improve or replace the fossil-based polymers such as conductive polymers (Polyaniline, Polypyrrole, Polythiophene, etc) based on nano-sizes. However, conductive polymers are a promisingmaterial in a several applications such as corrosion protection, electro-devices, membranes, solar cells, sensors, etc.

Camelia Miron

Research Programme Decontamination, Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science andTechnology, Greifswald, Germany

electrical discharges in liquids and their application for theMaterials synthesis and structural modification, investigation of the fundamental mechanismsand processes in liquids plasma.

Dr. Amirali Zangiabadi

Materials Science & Engineering,Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Investigating microstructural evolution of materials (metals and compounds) by using advanced char-acterization techniques such as TEM, XEDS, XRF, and EBSD,Materials synthesis, processing, and nanofabrication,Mechanical & metallurgicalsimulation of deformed materials; computational materials science.

Prof. Hung Tan Pham

Centerfor High Technology Development,VietnameseAcademy of Science & Technology, Hanoi,Vietnam.

Materials for optoelectronic andelectronic applications (Carbon Nanostructured Materials, nanofluids),LED lighting technology forgeneral and agricultural applications.

Dr. Baliram G. Lone

Raman Postdoc,Head & Founder of Nanomaterials Research Lab, India.

Nanoscience & Nanotechnology:Nanotubes,DNA interaction with SWNT, Amino Acids, Biosensors,Functionalized Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes,Graphene,Graphene Oxides,Various Hydrogen Bonding (C-H---O/N, O/N-H---X) and Dihydrogen Bonds

Same Level but Different Basis Sets (SLDB) method for Carbon nanomaterialsnanomaterials.Chemical Bonding: 3-center 2-electron and 3-center-4-electron bonds,Localized Molecular Orbitals and Bond Index,study of Dieletric materials,TimeDomain Reflectometry measurements.

Dr. Ikai Lo

Department of Physics, National Sun Yat-Sen University,Kaohsiung,Taiwan, China.

Dr.Shuye Zhang

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,South Korea.

Solder, adhesives, reliability, wearable electronics.

Dr.Kalpana Madgula

Department of Physics and Materials Science &Engineering, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana70123, USA.

Polymers – Synthesis , Characterization and Applications – including PP, PVA, PEG, Starch, Chitosan, PANI – films, Coatings;Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles (Au, Ag,TiO2, ZnO, IONP's, SiO2) -Preparation and Bio-Functionalization;Biopolymers-Development and Application- Biomacromolecules, Drugs – encapsulation/ loading, controlled release;Polymer Nanocomposites and Organic /Conducting Polymers - Development and Applications (Biomedical&Catalytic);Spectroscopic and Analytical techniques (UV-Visible, IR, NMR (1H,13C), MS, LC-MS, XPS, ESR. SEM, TEM )- Structural Identification of Chemical (Organic) compounds – Data Analysis and Interpretation;Environmental andGreen chemistry.

Dr.Janaina de Andrea Dernowsek

Three-Dimensional Technologies Division - DT3D, Renato Archer Information Technology Center - CTI,Rodovia Dom Pedro I (SP-65), Km 143,6, 13069-901 Campinas - SP, Brazil.;

Dr.Camilo Zamora-Ledezma

LaboratoireCharles Coulomb, Montpellier,France.

i) gold nanoparticles; ii) Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide; iii) LiquidCrystals Based on nanocarbon; iv) hybrid metal nanoparticles/nanocarbon liquid crystals; v)organic/inorganic, anisotropic/isotropic, liquid/solid composites based onnanocarbons.

Dr. Naisheng Jiang

Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Polymers, colloids, polymer thin films and nanocomposite synthesis, preparation, characterization and applications; Structure-property relationship of polymers, polymer nanocomposites, polymer coatings and thin polymer films; Surface/interfacescience, structure and property characterizations with microscopy and X-ray Neutron scattering techniques.

Dr.Asha-Dee N. Celestine

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Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering,Auburn University, USA.

Structures and materials, specifically polymer matrix composites.


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