The 10 Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022 - Crimson Education LA-ES (2023)

Most top universities offer good psychology programs, however, their offerings are not always the same. Since there are so many programs, choosing the best program can be challenging. To help get you started, we've put together a list of some of the best schools for psychology in the world.

Why Study Psychology?

A psychology degree is not only one of the most versatile majors; it's one of the few majors that give you endless opportunities to impact the lives of those around you. You can choose from numerous career options with a psychology degree because the classes that are part of the psychology major cover skills that translate across multiple career paths.

How We Got the Top 10 Psychology Schools Ranking

We determined this ranking by averaging the rankings for the top 20 schools in both the 2022 QS World Subject Rankings and the 2022 US News Rank for top psychology schools. Both lists use different criteria, so we got a holistic view of the top 10 psychology schools by averaging the rankings.

Top 10 Best Universities for Psychology 2022
Overall RankUS News RankQS World Rank
University of Amsterdam899
Kings College London9121
University of Toronto10815

The 10 Best Universities to Study Psychology in 2022

10. University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

The 10 Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022 - Crimson Education LA-ES (2)

University of Toronto's Department of Psychology

As part of the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto, you will study the behavior of people and animals. The department's primary focus is the individual rather than the group. At the undergraduate level, you will learn the fundamentals of psychology, the different fields within psychology, and the various methods for conducting psychological research.

As a psychology major, you have a wide range of options, including courses in cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, computational neuroscience, developmental psychology, human and animal learning, perception, personality psychology, physiological psychology, and social psychology.

The university prepares you with skills and knowledge that will help you graduate "with pride, healthy habits of mind, and a meaningful way of knowing."

Is it for you?

The University of Toronto's Psychology program is one of its largest undergraduate programs globally, with a diverse faculty and a world-class research profile. Its 200-level courses are broader, but it becomes more specific and focused once you get to the 300-level courses.

As a student at the University of Toronto, you'll enjoy an immersive campus experience. You will attend informative lectures, tutorials, and labs taught by world-class educators from Canada's largest and most prestigious university. At the same time, you will also experience a sense of community on a campus surrounded by 225 acres of protected greenbelt! If you haven't considered Canada in your university search, now is the time!

9. Kings College London

London, UK

The 10 Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022 - Crimson Education LA-ES (3)

King's College Department of Psychology

There is no doubt that King's College has one of the largest and best-known clinical and health psychology departments in the UK and is home to the UK's oldest training programme in Clinical Psychology.

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With a BSc in Psychology at King's College, you will encounter many approaches to applying psychological science and be able to explore their applications to contemporary challenges. The teaching at the university is delivered by world-class experts and enriched by current research at the IoPPN, one of the world's leading centers for interdisciplinary research in psychiatry and psychology.

Students at King's College may opt to take a four-year programme — as opposed to the UK's traditional three-year course — with the optional year of a professional placement or a year abroad.

Is it for you?

If you choose to study psychology at King's College, you'll experience world-class lecturers, access world-leading research facilities, and participate in innovative modules. The psychology program at King's College ensures that you will have face-to-face teaching complemented and supported by innovative technology. Students also experience elements of digital learning and assessment.

The university also boasts strong relations in the medical field, being connected to three hospitals and Maudsley hospital, one of the country's most reputable mental health facilities. Since it's a large university, there is a high chance you will find faculty and students interested in your specific academic interests, which can be hard to find at smaller universities.

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8 University of Amsterdam (UVA)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 10 Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022 - Crimson Education LA-ES (4)

UvA’s Psychology Program

The psychology program at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) looks at human behavior in general and, more specifically, at differences between individuals. What is intelligence? How do people respond to stress, and why do some people become depressed? How is it that one person may seem relaxed and friendly while another may seem tense and stressed?

As a psychology student, you can choose from many different bachelor’s specializations. Depending on the discipline, you may become a sports psychologist, industrial and organizational psychologist, developmental psychologist, test developer, adviser, information specialist, and many more!

Is it for you?

If you choose to major in psychology, you will attend the Roeterseiland campus. Located in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam, this campus is perfect for those looking for a central city campus in Europe.

Psychology studies at UvA start very broad and eventually become much more focused after choosing a particular specialization. While studying psychology at the University of Amsterdam, you will not only attend large lectures of 300 to 400 students but also take part in more focused tutorials with your peers — making the program more personal. If studying in Europe is enticing, consider looking at one of the best psychology universities in Europe!

Interested in studying psychology in Europe? Learn more about our European Universities Admissions program!

7. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Los Angeles, California

The 10 Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022 - Crimson Education LA-ES (5)

UCLA’s Psychology Program

Psychology at UCLA emphasizes studying and explaining human and animal behavior from various underlying variables, including neural, physiological, and cognitive processes; developmental factors and individual differences; and social and interpersonal influences and contexts.

UCLA’s psychology course reflects the vast scope of psychology while allowing students to focus on specific areas of interest in greater depth. Beyond the foundational courses, students can choose many specialized areas of studies in psychobiology, learning and memory, motivation, perception, cognition, measurement, personality, and clinical, social, developmental, community, and health psychology.

Is it for you?

Students applying to study psychology at UCLA have three undergraduate major options: Psychology (B.A.), Psychobiology (B.S.), and Cognitive Science (B.S.). Although all three majors overlap in the fundamental knowledge base, they focus on different areas of psychology. Check out the details of each major to see which one interests you the most.

UCLA offers outstanding research opportunities for its students, psychology fieldwork courses, and research conferences, so there is something for every student at this university.

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6. Columbia University

New York City, New York

The 10 Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022 - Crimson Education LA-ES (6)

Columbia University’s Psychology Department

The world-renowned faculty and alumni make Columbia University’s Psychology Department one of the oldest and most influential in the US. Columbia introduced psychology in 1867 in the Department of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy and English Literature. Initially, it was a senior-only course where students studied and discussed the philosophy of intellect, feelings, and will.

The school has now transformed to provide undergraduates with a strong curriculum in psychological science, including research methods, perception, cognition, neuroscience, developmental, social, personality, and clinical studies.

Is it for you?

Regardless of your eventual area of specialization, you will develop a solid foundation in psychology based on empirical evidence. You will also develop research methods and quantitative literacy skills, cultivating respect for values that guide the study of psychology.

The department also offers a variety of research opportunities, lab work, supervised individual research, and participation in its two-year Honors Program.

If you’re looking to gain a deep understanding of psychology and a breadth in which disciplines it is applied (medicine, law, business, social work, and education), you will thrive in Columbia’s psychology program.

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5. University College London (UCL)

London, UK

The 10 Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022 - Crimson Education LA-ES (7)

UCL’s Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

The UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences (PALS) leads the way in mind, behavior and language. The research and teachings at the university delve into cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, language, therapeutic interventions, decision-making and social cognition. Scholars apply the research to some of the most significant global challenges, including climate change, mental health, inequality, and social conflict.

The university collaborates with a range of interdisciplinary research centers. It offers cutting-edge resources, including extensive laboratories for research in speech and language, perception and cognition, a center for brain imaging, and a behavioral neuroscience laboratory.

Is it for you?

The first two years at UCL’s PALS cover the broad and foundational range of psychology which the university believes is integral to the field. Students can study various topics during the third and final year according to their primary interests and ultimate goals.

UCL resides in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of (central) London and ranks as one of the best cities globally for university students.

UCL’s psychology department focuses on making a significant global impact, so it’s ideal if you want to make an immediate impact during your studies. Among their efforts, their Centre for Behavioural Change works with ActionAid Ireland to improve women and girls’ economic independence and safety in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nepal.

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4. Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut

The 10 Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022 - Crimson Education LA-ES (8)

About Yale’s BA in Psychology

Under the context of a general liberal arts education, Yale’s BA in psychology provides undergraduates with a solid background in psychology. Yale’s grad school trains researchers in academic and applied settings.

At Yale, students study psychology to understand human behavior, including who we are, how we behave, and how we enhance our lives and society. The psychology courses at Yale establish foundations, helping students explore careers in education, research, law, medicine, public health, politics, and business.

Is it for you?

If you’re looking to find the right university to study psychology, what better way than to try a free online course at Yale? Yale’s free (12-hour) Introduction to Psychology will help you get a feel for what it’s like to study at the university and allow you to explore the different fields in psychology.

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3. Oxford University

Oxford, UK

The 10 Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022 - Crimson Education LA-ES (9)

Oxford’s Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics (PPL) Discipline

Oxford’s psychology program, which is part of the Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics (PPL) discipline, is at the forefront of innovation and breakthrough research. It offers a firm scientific approach to the study of psychology, which involves a substantial amount of practical work. The discipline also acknowledges the interconnected relationship between the three fields. If you're interested in diving into psychology studies, there is a strong emphasis on biological, cognitive, human experimental, social, and developmental psychology in the programs.

There are multiple ways to study psychology at Oxford.

  1. Single discipline - 4-year MSci in Experimental Psychology,
  2. With philosophy and linguistics - 3 or 4 year BA or MSci in Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics.
  3. Biomedical Science - studying neurophysiology and neurology pathways.

Is it for you?

You can choose to graduate after three years with a BA degree. If you decide to stay for an optional fourth year, you can obtain a Master’s degree in PPL. This degree requires you to undertake a research-intensive, clinically-focused, or translationally-focused extended project in Experimental Psychology and allied fields. You will obtain a master’s degree for the same length of time as a bachelor’s in the United States.

If you’re interested in learning more about Oxford, they have a playlist of everything related to PPL studies at Oxford.

A Day in the Life: Oxford Student

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2: Stanford University

Stanford, California

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The 10 Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022 - Crimson Education LA-ES (10)

Stanford’s Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at Stanford University is among the first departments established at the university. It has a long-standing tradition of groundbreaking theoretical research directly impacting the world. For decades, it has been a leading psychology department among US universities and ranks as one of the top programs in the nation.

Stanford's psychology programs provide excellent training in understanding human behavior through scientifically rigorous methods. With a psychology degree from Stanford, you will have a well-rounded background with the tools you need to pursue careers in business, education, law, medicine, or social work.

Is it for you?

There are various opportunities available on campus for psychology students to get involved.

If you're unsure what you want to study within the psychology program, the university offers resources like "pathways" to help you decide. Stanford also provides a student service office that can assist you in selecting the right course of study.

With all these resources, it isn't surprising Stanford is one of the most sought-after schools for psychology — which is why it lands in the #2 spot on our list of top 10 best universities to study psychology.

A Day in the Life: Stanford Psychology Student

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1. Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts

The 10 Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022 - Crimson Education LA-ES (11)

Harvard's Department of Psychology

It’s not surprising that Harvard ranks #1 in our list of best colleges to study psychology. It’s the top university for many degrees! The goal of Harvard's Department of Psychology is to understand the mind, brain, and behavior through empirical investigations. The high caliber of teaching at Harvard reflects this ambition. Students and faculty study basic psychological processes: attention, perception, memory, categorization, reasoning, decision-making, language, cognitive and social development, social cognition, intergroup relations, and morality.

Is it for you?

Psychology at Harvard allows you to get close to understanding human behavior. The psychology department hosts professors that are just as fascinating, interesting, and impressive as the material they teach. You'll gain many valuable skills studying psychology at Harvard, such as learning how to work with data, write clearly and objectively, and analyze other studies. These skills will prepare you for a myriad of careers after graduation, including consulting, finance, healthcare, public policy, marketing, computer science, and even music and film.

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How to find the Right Psychology School for You

It's important to carefully evaluate each program on our Top 10 Best Colleges For Psychology list to determine if it will meet your academic and career goals. While some offer small class sizes, others offer a wide range of courses and research opportunities. In addition to your major, it's important to consider the school's location, size, community, and extracurricular activities to determine if the school is the right fit for you.

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What Makes Crimson Different

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What university is the best to study psychology? ›

  • Harvard University. Cambridge, United States. ...
  • Stanford University. Stanford, United States. ...
  • University of Oxford. Oxford, United Kingdom. ...
  • University of Cambridge. Cambridge, United Kingdom. ...
  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Berkeley, United States. ...
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) ...
  • UCL. ...
  • Yale University.

Where can I study psychology? ›

Some top universities for Psychology Degrees in South Africa are:
  • University of Cape Town.
  • University of Johannesburg.
  • University of Pretoria.
  • University of Stellenbosch.
  • University of Witwatersrand.

What is the best state to study psychology? ›


What subjects should I take if I want to study psychology? ›

There are no specific subjects needed, but Life Science or Biology will come as an advantage because, psychology has a lot of focus on the human brain and sensory systems. If you have an NQF level 4 certificate with an Admissions Point Score (APS) of over 21+ points, you are likely to qualify for a psychology degree.

Which Bachelor degree is best for psychology? ›

Related fields of study
  • Forensic Psychology (6) $arrow_forward.
  • Human Sexuality (2) $arrow_forward.
  • Neuropsychology (2) $arrow_forward.
  • Organizational Psychology (12) $arrow_forward.
  • Psychological Research (7) $arrow_forward.
  • School Psychology (4) $arrow_forward.
  • Social Psychology (15) $arrow_forward.

What are the 4 main schools of psychology? ›

The analysis of four major classical schools of psychology is done in this chapter: (1) structuralism, a subjective epistemological system, (2) functionalism, a quasi-objective action system, (3) Gestalt psychology, both a subjective and quasi-objective cognitive system, and (4) classical Watsonian behaviorism, an ...

In which country psychology is best? ›

Top Destinations for a Career in Psychology
  1. Canada. Over the years, Canada has become a hot choice for aspirants looking for career options in various fields, and it's the same for psychology. ...
  2. The United States of America. ...
  3. Australia. ...
  4. The United Kingdom. ...
  5. Other Countries.
18 Apr 2022

How many years does it take to study psychology? ›

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS Psych) is a four-year program designed to help you observe human behavior through the scientific method, allowing you to gain access to the human psyche and fathom its depths.

Can I study psychology without maths? ›

It is not necessary to have maths in 12th standard as the eligibility says that you will need to attain 50% marks in aggregate in your 12th. There are independent entrance examinations for admission to UG as well. You can refer to the colleges mentioned in the link for studying psychology.

Is psychology easy to study? ›

Psychology is one of the more difficult degrees and many of your assignments will require you to cite your sources and will require you to back up a lot of the arguments that you have.

What field of psychology is most in demand? ›

14 Psychology Jobs in High Demand
  1. Vocational/Career Counselor. ...
  2. School Psychologist. ...
  3. Family Marriage Counselor. ...
  4. Engineering Psychologist. ...
  5. Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychologist. ...
  6. Clinical Psychologist. ...
  7. Forensic Psychologist. ...
  8. Geropsychologist.
7 Jan 2022

Which field of psychology is the easiest? ›

At the graduate level, the master's degree in industrial-organizational psychology is probably the easiest to attain. As doctorates go, the Doctor of Psychology (Psy. D.) degree may be easier than the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.

What is the main subject of psychology? ›

Psychology looks at the ways people think, act, react, and interact. It is the study of human (and animal) behaviour, and the thoughts and emotions that influence behaviour.

What type of subject is psychology? ›

A psychology major examines the science of human behavior and mental processes. This includes the study of the mind, the brain, and human and animal social interactions. The major touches on many different areas of psychology like social, cognitive, abnormal, personality and developmental.

How do I know if psychology is right for me? ›

8 signs you're perfect for a career in psychology
  • You have a curious nature. ...
  • You're the friend everyone feels they can confide in. ...
  • You're a good listener. ...
  • You enjoy helping and working with people. ...
  • You're open-minded and non-judgemental. ...
  • You're a confident communicator.

Is psychologist a doctor? ›

Psychiatrists are medical doctors, psychologists are not. Psychiatrists prescribe medication, psychologists can't. Psychiatrists diagnose illness, manage treatment and provide a range of therapies for complex and serious mental illness. Psychologists focus on providing psychotherapy (talk therapy) to help patients.

What are the 12 branches of psychology? ›

Branches of psychology
  • Clinical psychology. ...
  • Cognitive psychology. ...
  • Developmental psychology. ...
  • Evolutionary psychology. ...
  • Forensic psychology. ...
  • Health psychology. ...
  • Neuropsychology. ...
  • Occupational psychology.

Who is the father of psychology? ›

Two men, working in the 19th century, are generally credited as being the founders of psychology as a science and academic discipline that was distinct from philosophy. Their names were Wilhelm Wundt and William James.

What are the 9 types of psychology? ›

9 Main Types of Psychology
  • Type # 1. Faculty Psychology: ...
  • Type # 2. Structural Psychology: ...
  • Type # 3. Existential Psychology: ...
  • Type # 4. Functional Psychology: ...
  • Type # 5. Behaviourism: ...
  • Type # 6. Gestalt Psychology: ...
  • Type # 7. Hormic or Purposive Psychology: ...
  • Type # 8. Psychoanalysis:

Can I study psychology without science? ›

A. In case a student wishes to pursue BSc in Psychology, then it is necessary for him/her to study Science stream in Class 11 and 12. For a BA in Psychology, it is not mandatory to study Science.

Does psychology have math? ›

Most psychology undergraduate programs have a math requirement — but don't let this deter you from pursuing an online psychology degree.

How many hours should a psychology student study? ›

1. Study Regularly. The Two Hour Rule: The general rule is that for every hour of time you spend in class, you should spend two hours of your own time studying the material. Plan Your Study Time: The amount of time you need may vary, but you should set aside time each week for reviewing study materials.

What can 4 years of psychology get you? ›

8 Jobs You Can Pursue with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
  • Social Worker. Social work can be a common landing spot for graduates with a bachelor's degree in psychology. ...
  • Market Researcher. ...
  • Advertising Agent. ...
  • Child Care Worker. ...
  • Teacher. ...
  • Career Counselor. ...
  • Writer. ...
  • Lawyer.
25 Jul 2018

Why do people study psychology? ›

Reasons to study psychology. There are many reasons to study psychology, from career prospects to personal interest. Psychology is a fascinating area of study. It will help you understand human behaviour and mental processes and allow you to better understand how we think act and feel.

What qualifications do I need to be a psychologist? ›

You'll need to: study a psychology degree accredited by The British Psychological Society (BPS) gain Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership.

Is psychology a useful degree? ›

Also, a psychology degree is highly valued in the job market because of the range of skills psychology majors acquire. Psychology majors learn important skills for fields such as business administration, marketing and sales, advertising and even sports.

How do you pass psychology? ›

How to Pass a Psychology Test
  1. Lay a Foundation for the Topic. ...
  2. Make Connections to Real Experiences. ...
  3. Personalize Your Class Notes. ...
  4. Take a Look at Notes Periodically. ...
  5. Get a Study Buddy or Two. ...
  6. Review the Information to Remember It. ...
  7. Get in the Right Mindset.

What makes people difficult to study psychology? ›

Challenges to the Field of Psychology

Since, the study is based on predictions which may be accurate or inaccurate, understanding human behaviour is extremely difficult because of the personality differences of people, as a result of which they react differently to different situations.

Why is it difficult to study psychology? ›

A major goal of psychology is to predict behavior by understanding its causes. Making predictions is difficult in part because people vary and respond differently in different situations. Individual differences are the variations among people on physical or psychological dimensions.

Which type of psychologist earns more? ›

Similarly, through private practice, an educational psychologist can stand to earn even more money. This is one of the highest paying psychology jobs in India.

Where are the top 3 areas psychologists work? ›

Typical work settings include hospitals, schools, universities, prisons, mental health clinics, and private practices. There are also a number of different sub-specialty areas within clinical psychology, including health psychology, neuropsychology, and geropsychology.

What is the newest field of psychology? ›

Most people would agree there is a connection between physical and emotional health. New research and new forms of therapy are emerging in response. For example, according to the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, a new subspecialty in psychology called energy psychology has been created.

What are 3 fields in psychology? ›

There are several different fields, or branches, of psychology including social psychology, abnormal and clinical psychology, educational psychology, forensic psychology, health and biological psychology, behavioral psychology, developmental psychology, and industrial/organizational psychology.

What is the best career in psychology? ›

Highest Paying Psychology Careers
  1. Psychiatrist. Average Yearly Salary: $216,090. ...
  2. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. Average Yearly Salary: $102,530. ...
  3. Neuropsychologist. Average Yearly Salary: $93,440. ...
  4. Engineering Psychologist. ...
  5. Psychology Teacher. ...
  6. Clinical Psychologist. ...
  7. Counseling Psychologist. ...
  8. School Psychologist.

What are the 3 major schools of psychology? ›

Humanistic/Gestalt: Carl Rogers. Psychoanalytic school: Sigmund Freud. Systems psychology: Gregory Bateson, Felix Guattari.

Who is the No 1 psychologist in world? ›

Robert Bradley (psychologist)
Robert H. Bradley
BornJuly 14, 1946
EducationUniversity of Notre Dame University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Known forResearch on early childhood education
5 more rows

What are the 5 schools of psychology? ›

Major Psychological Schools of Thought
  • Structuralism.
  • Functionalism.
  • Psychoanalysis.
  • Behaviourism.
  • Gestalt Psychology.
  • Humanistic Psychology.
11 Jan 2012

What is the most popular psychology field? ›

Clinical psychologist have training in the diagnosis, assessment, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses. This is the largest and most popular employment area in psychology. Clinical psychologists are employed in hospitals, mental health centers, and in private practice.

Which branch of psychology is the largest? ›

Clinical psychologists make up the single largest specialty area in psychology. 1 Clinicians are psychologists who assess, diagnose and treat mental illnesses. They frequently work in mental health centers, private or group practices or hospitals.

Who is the most famous female psychologist? ›

  • #5: Anna Freud (1895–1982)
  • #4: Mary Ainsworth (1913–1999)
  • #3: Margaret Floy Washburn (1871–1939)
  • #2: Karen Horney (1885-1952)
  • #1: Melanie Klein (1882–1960)
  • The Future (of psychology) Is Female.
22 Mar 2022

Who is a famous psychologist? ›

Sigmund Freud – Freud is perhaps the most well-known psychologist in history. He explored the personality and human psyche as it relates to the id, the ego and the superego.

Who is the father of psychologist? ›

Wundt, who distinguished psychology as a science from philosophy and biology, was the first person ever to call himself a psychologist. He is widely regarded as the "father of experimental psychology". In 1879, at the University of Leipzig, Wundt founded the first formal laboratory for psychological research.

How many types of psychology are there? ›

Eight types of psychology to consider a career in include: abnormal, biopsychology, social, cognitive, developmental, personality, forensic and industrial-organizational.

What are the 7 methods of psychology? ›

7 Methods of Studying Human Behaviour
  • Introspection Method:
  • Observation Method:
  • Experimental Method:
  • Clinical Method/Case History Method:
  • Survey Method:
  • Genetic Method:
  • Testing Method:

What are the 7 schools of psychology? ›

  • Structuralism.
  • Functionalism.
  • Behaviorism.
  • Gestalt Psychology.
  • Cognitive Psychology.
  • Psychoanalysis.
  • Humanism.

What are the 20 branches of psychology? ›

20+fields/branches of psychology, I am going to discuss in this article, each branch has its own focus and area of research.
  • Clinical Psychology. ...
  • Abnormal Psychology. ...
  • Biological Psychology. ...
  • Cognitive Psychology. ...
  • Counseling Psychology. ...
  • Comparative Psychology. ...
  • Developmental Psychology. ...
  • Forensic Psychology.
20 Aug 2022


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